In the north of Albania, the Kanun is still alive in a degenerated form. It is a code developed in the Middle Age to regulate the social life and strengthen Albaniathe cohesion of Albanian people. This code established that the offended honor, for example through the killing of a relative, can be restored in two possible ways: by forgiving the killer or by committing a revenge homicide towards any male member of the killer’s family. Nowadays, the most used option is the latter. As a consequence, entire families are involved in endless feuds.

Operazione Colomba in Albania

Such a phenomenon negatively influences the emotional, personal and relational sphere of the involved people. The men stop working, the youth grow up isolated, and the women shoulder the weight of supporting the family. That is the reason why since 2010 Operazione Colomba has been working in Shkoder, Albania. It aims to support the association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII on the work carried on against the “blood feuds”.


Operazione Colomba supports and brings relief to the families affected by the Kanun. The volunteers visit them daily and promote paths of reconciliation, that allow releasing anger and pain. Moreover, the volunteers promote raising-awareness initiatives addressed to the civil society and the institutions, aiming at stimulating virtuous mechanisms that can bring to a national reconciliation.