Demolitions - Military order 1797

The loud sound of a drill.
The first wall falls down.
The machine flakes against the next wall.
The concrete falls down with a thud.
Now a bed is clearly visible inside the rubble.
There are clothes which are waving on the terrace still upright.
A lot of clothes and tools some meters from the house.

Soldiers everywhere who are doing a perimeter, pushing away the owners.
Unemotional faces of young with a rifle.
All the neighborhood comes near.
The women are screaming, lulling the children who are screaming in their arms.
The bravest are trying to go near the house, to rebel.
The soldiers push them away, pushing them on the grounds, insulting.
Children and husbands run there. The soldiers and the police attack them also. Kicks, hands tight around the neck, knee on the back and then handcuffs.
Other soldiers, other unemotional faces.
First sound bomb. For a bit they didn't hit a baby girl. The mother covers her face, holds her and then runs away. Boom.
Another bomb. Launching without seeing where, without a motive. It falls down though the people.
A final thud. The house falls down entirely, the bulldozer goes away.
Rubbles. The perimeter of the soldiers. The owners force to see their house destroyed.
Behind them there is a man, the only one with civilian clothes. He has a scornful smile. He gives instructions to the soldiers how to move, when and how to push away people, to the worker on how to tear down the house.
The work is finished.
He gets inside the car, the soldiers in the military jeeps and the bulldozer follows them. They continue on the hills as a black cloud of death. Maybe now they will continue to another village to demolish a new building, "illegal" as they told. Maybe they will release others demolition orders. Maybe they will destroy other lifes, like this in a second. With unemotional faces and glances behind sunglasses.

In 2018 Is being approved the military order 1797 which allows the Israeli army to demolish the Palestinian buildings "not authorized", in 96 hours after the release of the demolition orders. The period limits seriously the possibility to appeal against the order in the Israeli courts.
The new military order is part of a wide plan inside the Israeli politics, who wants to deny the development of Palestinian communities and expropriate land in West Bank. As a part of this policy, Israel prevents Palestinians to live and use wide areas of West Bank, declaring them "State lands", "areas for military training" or "natural reserves".
The urban planning reflects a strongly discriminatory system. Where there are continuing demolitions of Palestinian houses, at the same time the Israeli authorities approve general plans for the settlements. Addid to this is the birth and the stay  of several outposts in the occupied territory, no subject to demolitions despite their illegality  even for the Israeli law.