Only a pandemic could bring “doves”, the volunteers from Operazione Colomba (Operation Dove), back to Italy. We were forced to interrupt our physical presence with the people we share our life with, which was a painful and unexpected split we could have never thought of.

We have tried in every possible way to transform this pain in hope by being near to the people we usually accompany and protect in the conflicts around the world, we have kept giving them a voice in their nonviolent protest for peace and justice. After all, we are “doves” everywhere we go, and a “dove” cannot simply stare at the needs of the weak, whether they are victims of war, poverty, or of a virus. That is why so many of us chose to act in a different way. We can build peace through solidarity, community bonds and an answer to the urgent matters of a wounded humanity.

Now we have decided to share with you what being a “dove” during Covid19 felt like: people acted in different ways and different contexts, but we were all united by our shared experience on the ground as a Nonviolent Peace Corps.

This is our first story, by Christopher and Anna. The following stories will be published on our Facebook page.

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