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For 30 years, the volunteers of Operazione Colomba and the White Helmets have been experiencing direct sharing and have been promoting nonviolent actions to support the victims of wars and structural violence. We have learnt to look at war from the point of view of those who suffer it and we have understood that the civilian population always suffers the greatest consequences.

The Association “Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII” has joined Pope Francis' request to pray for Peace and is asking insistently for the cessation of hostilities and for a truce in the fighting. The Association has also sent a delegation of three members to Ukraine in order to monitor the situation and understand how to be close to the civilian population, which kind of nonviolent intervention to enact, and how to welcome the Ukrainian population in Italy.

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“Please tell me that it will still be possible to live together”.

Several years ago, a woman without home and country because of the war, told us these words. They represent a plea but also a call for a desire of solidarity and change, that will be possible only if more and more people will be involved in Peace initiatives and they will support them…

Best Wishes!


S. and her son left the island of Lesbos.
We met them on the street as they were loading their luggage into a van.
They received the Open Card, the authorization to legally move within Greece.
They will travel to Thessaloniki to collect their documents, perhaps their passport, and then they would like to settle in Athens – S. tells me.
I don't know if they have found a home or a place to sleep.
I don't know how they will afford it.
I don't have time to ask her.
They have to leave.
We hug and greet each other.
It was a pleasure to meet them.

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