Nonviolent peace corps

Together with other national realities (partly they are reunited in Tavolo Interventi Civili di Pace and IPRI – Rete CCP) and internationals (PBI, NPF, FOR, CPT…) we believe it’s time to introduce and realize some effective and credible alternatives to the military means to intervene in international, inter-states and intra-states conflicts.
During the last twenty years the global civil society has proposed new form of intervention in various sectors of the international life.
As Boutrous Ghali, the former UN Secretary-General, has recognized, in his Peace Program, ONGs and the Civil Society can hold an important  task preventing conflicts, keeping peace and building peace after conflicts. Many resolutions of UN General Assembly affirm the right/duty to intervene in favor of Human Rights.
In our opinion, Operazione Colomba is an important and efficient model of Nonviolent Peace Corps who intervene in acute armed and social conflicts.