How we operate

Operazione Colomba is a project opened to people, believers and nonbelievers, who believe that the nonviolence is the only way to get Peace, based on truth, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation.
The members are volunteers essentially divided in two groups: long term volunteers, i.e. people who dedicate one or two years as full-timer, and short volunteers, i.e. people who give one or more months of availability. The few requirements to be a volunteer are: the will to live in a nonviolent way, the ability to live in a group, to be of age and finally to take part in our training course.

The three common characteristics of every Operazione Colomba action are:

  1. sharing the same living standards and facing the same risks of local people;

  2. being neutral towards the fighting parties, thus denouncing any injustice and human rights violation committed by them;

  3. promoting an active nonviolent approach in conflict management.

Our volunteers intervene in conflict areas, sharing life with the victims of war. In the middle of a conflict, the presence of an international, neutral and unarmed team acts as an excellent deterrent against violence targeting civil populations. Thus is the most effective way to: protect civilian’s basic human rights, to allow people satisfy their basic needs and to save lives. Moreover, by sharing the same living standards and risks, Operazione Colomba teams build an invaluable relationship of confidence with local people, which is the essential pre-requisite when working on peace-building.