Why does Syria need a Peace Proposal?

Why does Syria need a Peace Proposal?
We keep providing food, medicines, temporary solutions to Syrian people, we keep looking for creative ways of saving lives, but without a Peace Proposal we will keep feeling helpless when facing the horror of war.
Without a Peace Proposal, we can only sail on the surface of problems, with the violent waves of the system hitting and overwhelming us.
However, with the Peace Proposal we can become the bread, we can become the cure, we can become a permanent solution and we can uproot injustice for good, we will see the resurrection after years of death. We will dive deep and free ourselves from the injustice.

What is the Peace Proposal?
The Peace Proposal is a place. It is a place where each one of us will find comfort and shelter, but which requires hard work.

It is a place where each one of us finds out we are an essential part of the solution, so we need to walk side by side with Syrian people to give voice to their broken lives and their request for justice and support. And while walking, we discover that our lives too are somewhat broken, so we need this new place which had never been imagined before.
The Peace Proposal is our new future, a place where we should share our wishes and fears, even the most dreadful one.
The Peace Proposal is a thread to mend the hearts of those who are too exhausted to walk alone, and are too full of love to surrender.
Deep love and real life shared in the darkest corners of the earth have fed the Peace Proposal. This is why the Peace Proposal is now ready to transform pain, violence and fear into a place, a piece of peace.
The Peace Proposal belongs to the people who got arrested and tortured but still believe in the power of hugs. Men who have broken bones but still carry their children on their shoulders to show them the sky and keep them away from the mud. Women who suffer in their flesh and soul, mothers with no more tears, daughters without freedom, widows without justice. But despite this, these women reach out their weary hands and keep singing their dreams of peace. They become a short circuit to the system because they long for love. They are the side effect which the masters of the war could not predict, because violence is too narrow-minded and doesn’t know love grows in the cracks of violated lives.
The Peace Proposal belongs to us, as we saw the light coming out from those cracks. That light tells us we must keep going even if only death seems to survive.
The Peace Proposal belongs to those who access darkness, live side by side and resist, because they have seen the light in those cracks. Syrian people want to go home, and want to build a new way to go home.
We are not just going home with them, we are reaching our own place, we are exploring ourselves to find, within and without, a place, a piece of peace.